Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Day I Hanged Out With Ultron

Subtitle: Day in a Life of a Background Actor:
Working on the set of the TV Show "The BlackList". Photo below from Times Square.

Note: New Radio Show now playing.
This is a quick rundown of that day at Coney Island, NY. Yep, that huge dude was one of the crew that looked after the majors actors and the set.

I'm at extreme left side wearing bright blue t-shirt with half my face covered. I'm holding a bag of cotten candy which I still have as a souvenir. You don't see me holding the beer bottle as that was on my other hand but you do see Joe, standing next to me wearing a light blue t-shirt (a fellow producer I met on the shoot) holding the beer bottle in a paper bag. That was a joke from the Prop Lady who gave us the bag and bottles.
Source: The Blacklist: Season 2, Episode 2; Berlin. 26 minutes & 40 seconds (without commercials)

This girl made at least 4 cameos in this scene alone. Me and Joe called her long legs.
See if you can spot her, she is the only one carrying that umbrella under her arm.

What again in another scene? Long legs had a good day here. One thing for sure. The editor sure
love her. There was over 50 extras in this scene and we all made the chopping block. Lucky girl. lol.

The last major blockbuster I did. Filmed down the block where I live by the Southstreet Seaport.
Left hand side: Look at the end of the machine gun nozzle and you see a big hand waving belonging to the woman wearing camoflouge. I'm standing right next to her.
Source: I Am Legend: Chapter 12-Evacuation. At 40 minutes & 55 seconds.
A day on the set of Gotham for this actor.
This article gives you a good insight how some actors just get fed up after time and say the hell with it.

2nd Note: This blog will have more details later during the week once the radio show is posted.

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