Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday Movie News Links

New Show from MNN now playing on You Tube. This was our last Live show of the year.
This is such a pale substitute to Box Office Mojo which had much better results and stats. Shame.
For numbers I prefer this new Live Plus Gizmo. Scroll down and see the numbers for your ratings for your favorite shows. We highlighted Gotham as an example as to why Movie attendence is down. And it doesn't matter if the weekdays or the weekends that much. Gotham almost cleared $20M! And just about tied with Big Bang Theory. So much for competition on TV like the old days. Everyone is a winner when I thought no one could compete. And talking about numbers.....
This premiere episode was insane. Damn, Zombies are crazier than ever. Loved the after show talk with Conan O'Brian. How the producers upped the game with original kills. This is what you call imagination , with writing, directing and keeping the show fresh. My favorite part (way too many) was Lt. Yar (Crosby of Star Trek fame) biting it. Pun intended. Good ole crazy shit. And last but not least for the freakout.....
More crazy numbers. With all these options of viewing its no wonder but no one has seen anything like this ever. It's a new tide and a big changer. Now you now why everyone is heading to TV.

So what does that mean to these reboots and remakes for franchises? Yep! Head to Cable TV:
With Beckinsale. I remember when she first came out she was going to be the next big thing to win the Oscar. So what happened? She survived that's what she did, lol. Lucky girl.
While this studio doesn't know how exactly how this will translate to TV aka reboot one thing for sure, give Milla a shot and the fans boys will be there, she's got a crazy following like Beckinsale.

Note; Sorry for late post as I'm done traveling and settled into the new studio.
Fall TV Preview Pt. 2 coming this week. Hopefully, lol.

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