Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News

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Yep Marvel is killing it with these trailers. It's obvious they're doing their best on nailing DC to the wall. I mean this is so relentless with no mercy in sight. That Sups Vs Bats trailer better be a winner.
I love this trailer with the audience. Talk about goose bumps. And even with me you don't hear
"Aw c'mon, they split one movie in 2 for a cash grab, those money hungry basterds! Let's face it.
Can you blame them. If any franchise deserves a Pt 1 & 2 it's The Avengers. Crap like Twilight didn't deserve it and even Harry Potter was just plain abusive. Again the one franchise that deserves gets it.
Last nights trailer added some new things then went in repeat mode. But still a treat. Again with these trailers it's almost like an event itself with Furious 7 the weekend and Bats coming very soon. All trying to get our attention. Well they succeeded. To quote a big summer film: "Let Them Fight".
Talk about killing it and Harry Potter. Daniel was fantastic with this rap bit. From A to Z.
Some down time until he gets his Tony and Oscar nod. Admit it, you know he's going to get those. He's got the talent and there's not much competition, especially Broadway.
Ratings are great for everybody, well except for 'Manhattan Story' which got cancelled quick.. But knew programming is coming down the pike faster than ever before. Which reminds me to......
As per talk about all the good stuff going to cable tv, the old bundle packages will be part of the past.
And people can choose what they want to see like they are doing now. And look how many movie franchises are coming like today's announcement of "Scream" francise. Except for big Cinema brands like Disney and Marvel everything is pretty much screwed. The third age is already here in beta form.
Better for us is all I can say. My problem is trying to watch all this stuff. 5 years ago I called tv a graveyard. Man talk about a turnaround. And a hell of alot of fun just to keep up. Bring it on!

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