Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tuesday's Movie News Links

Last MNN Show for the year now playing on You Tube.
Great article. This is the one that broke the story instead of me posting 10 other aritcles from various sources on this same subject. Either way is a great read. But I did have to add have to the following related to this article. A kind of filmmaking 101, money wise.......

Money: Universal in all languages and the prime motivator to get anything accomplished. Better be damn worth it. Still pissed of at IM2 and 3 as far as solos goes. But this sounds like fun.

Everyone is waiting for the sequel to this and even this is going to cable tv like some of the franchises as mentioned on our blog yesterday.

After the passing of Richard Kiels as 'Jaws" some of fans realized we haven't had great villian that stood as such. How many can you remember after the Roger Moors years can you mention at the top of your head. Bautista will be a great one as long they write him a good meaty role and not some damn cameo and standing there while the criminal master mind explains why he is taking over the role to Bond before killing who of course escapes and blows up a volcano, lol.

This is a leftover article from last week but had to put my 2 cents in. And it's simple:
Coming fom somebody who part of the script that he wrote for The Hulk which was edited out of the movie and put on the Blu-ray in the deleted scenes section I found this in total contradiction.
The Avengers light, fun and a solid 2 hours slight plus. So how many times have you seen Avengers compare to Dark Knight 3? Exactly!

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