Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links

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Captain Cold and time travel. With an interesting ending. So far so good.
Hell of a long article  but worth the read. Main problem which I've been saying for years is bring this franchise back to TV. That's where the roots are. CBS can produce it but Paramount doesn't want that. JJ was one who back this up. That's why I'm glad he went to Star Wars only to be told he's only one Ep. 7 with Ep. 7-8 going to somebody else. Payback is a bitch. But you can never get enough of Star Trek as long it's not run by a Ego like Rick Berman, This article nailed him right. But greed is the essence here that blame goes to Paramount. Disney should over both houses. That should shut them up thier greediness. Remeber President Lincoln: A house diveded.
This is way to funny. He got dropped by Warners. Even he's not good enough for them.
He is so lucky to have that Netflix deal. I think this western is done. Even for cable. People are just not interested. Better think fast Sandler, what kind of stories are you going to tell, and forget about love stories, This should be interesting on what he comes up with..
Are you kidding me? Want to fight piracy? Make better movies that people want to see and keep on Blu-ray. And for those who can wait there's Netflix. And for people who are curious butcan wait even longer there's always the Public Library. Nudge Nudge Wink Wink....
"There's Gold in them Hills." Many actors get the chance to be a Executive Producer which is a big Lure to do projects for cable. Aka Clive Owens with his show 'The Knick' which he Exe. Produces along side with Steven Sodenbergh. Double paychecks and if the show is a hit means syndication, box sets and a big Kaching at the end of the day. Again that's where all the talent is going.

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