Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links

Note: Hanging with Ultron Radio Show will premiere next week in time for the trailer. A post from Sunday 10/19 has pictures and links as a preclude for the show.
While all of us are looking forward to the trailer, the funny thing is that they are attaching this to
"Agents". They did the same thing with Capt. America 2 and it did nothing to jump the ratings.
I still watch regardless (yeah because of Ming-na). But this is the thing DC has to worry about.
A killer trailer from Marvel is going to make the folks at DC very nervous.
Why waste time? Even tho the series got the nod for a second season it's good they start introducing
our favorite characters. Hope they don't wait till year 10 to introduce the Joker. Fans will wait to a certain degree but with all the competition with othe shows, fans will look at other shows to fill the gap.
The one big time the Mouse screw up. It was to desperate to have its own Star Wars. Still love this film cause if you look at it carefully you know where Lucas took bits from. The arena fight is the most obvious. I agree with the article. Give it to Legendary Pictures. These guys are on a role.
Does anyone rmember Critters. A rip off of Gremlins at the time. But still a lot of fun with a lot of tongue and cheek humour. Why not, their rebooting Gremlins itself. I haven't heard of the origins of these other projects but a lot is coming down the tracks. Heck, more for us.

Note: Still going ahead with Fall TV Pt. 2 Radio Show along with the Ultron special.
Godzilla has been pushed back slightly but still going to happen.

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