Friday, October 24, 2014

My Day With Ultron Coming This Weekend.

Radio Show Coming this weekend: The Day I Hanged Out With Ultron.

This is in conjuction with the previous blog:
Which has Pictures and Links relating to the topic.

Update: 10/26
So9rt of the technique that Andy Serkis perfected on the Apes movies.

Update: 10/25
More analysis on the trailer. Some interesting what if and speculations.
Viewed 34,3 million times? And more coming next week. Gotta love it.

Will somebody make up their mind here, lol? Maybe they realized they shot themselves in the foot with Agents and decided to put up another trailer? And a third one on Nov.4. Well all I can say is thanks Marvel, you made my life easier as I can split the radio into 2 parts and make the shows shorter, by request of course.

Here is a follow up to that trailer with some speculations as to what's going on.

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