Monday, October 06, 2014

Monday Movie News Links
Looks like everyone is pitching in as to promoting the idea to drum up response from the fans so hopefully the studio is paying attention. Everything else is getting made aka "Tetris" for crying out loud so why not finish up the trilogy as least. Riiiiiight?
Well this doesn't make sense. They all signed up till the last film of the trilogy. Hype or not but if they bring in new avengers into the mix wouldn't it get crowded like X-Men Last Stand where everyone part was so short it looked it cameos more than anything else. Another example was theLast Expendables. Way to crowded for everyone. Even Jackie Chan he wasn't doing EXC4 for just a short part.
I love the idea of crossovers as I mentioned in my past posts but this seems like jumpng on the band wagon than anything else. Again studios with no originality and just steal other peoples ideas. Monkey se monkey do.
Cute commercial, how come this wasn't made for the U.S. market? Is it me or does Nomoy look like he had a nip and tuck on his face?
Whole article as all the rv shows got together. Lots of pics but sorry no video was included.

Note: FYI
One hour of features and no commentary. Ok the film is still worth it but this what kills me.
"Retailer Exclusive" extras at various retail places. Remember my take on that Star Trek Darkness
fiasco. So if the sales are huge with this release look for a directors cut. Another way for the studio to try to get their money back on the film. Shame it was a Box Office bust. This is still one of the best films of the year.

2nd Note:  The Radio show was recorded but after this weekend with Sarah Silverman and that Ben Affleck I'm going toeidt the show to bring it up to date and the 2nd show Day in the life of a Background ACtor will also premiere. Which means 3 back to back Godzilla special coming.
I have to do all these shows before I get on the plane in November. Sorry about that.

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