Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Tuesdays Movie News Links

Tribute to Geoffrey Holder with Youtube Video, Live and Let Die included.

Great but long article which covers a lot of point. I'll let you enjoy instead of sticking my 2 cents in for a change. But what I love are the comments! Everyone is an expert and a critic. No pleasing anyone, lol.

Remember when they said no way Spiderman was going anywhere else besides staying with Sony.
They are not so much worried about Marvel but about Disney owning the property which I have been saying for a long long long time. Once they lost Spidey they'll be out of the running with superheros.
Disney knows this, that's why they are just sitting back and waiting for Sony to come to them with an offer. Rmember the House of Mouse always wins.

No Garfield. See it goes to show you, anyone can be replaced. Somewhere there's a mouse with big ears laughing it's tail off.

Downey wouldn't brag about unless he got his wish of Mel Gibson directing. The one thing about this guy is he looks after his buddies down the road. He got The writer of Sherlock Holmes to write IM2, then he got Shane Black to direct IM3. Now they both sucked but the studios bottom line is the movies did HUGE. And that's the only thing  the studio cares about. So the mentally is Downy wants Gibson and the studio goes Kaching!

Why not? It makes sense. Disney has Agents of Sheilds which is kind of lame, Ming-na the actress is the only reason I'm seeing this, but itdoes have it's fan base. Noargument there. So hardcore fans would eat this up. Hopefully hey will have a better budget for this than Shields.

Strange, just last week on this blog I wrote that the Madonna theme song is the worst ever for a 007 Bond movie. And anyone who has been watching the shows and listening to the radio shows knows I consider Live and Let Die song the Best of all the Bond songs. I always love the quick short credit ending where Holder is sitting in front the train while the song played. What an image. And of course
his laugh when saying "The Un-Cola". Iconic.

Didn't I mention this last week? But with the other franchises aka Family Guy and Futurama. A sequel by itself would be kind of yawner. Of course it''ll be in 3D Max to boost up sells. That's the only gimmick I can think of. Lets face it besides the crossover the show has been kind of slagging in ideas and humour.

Note: Fall TV Review is the name of our next radio show. After The Flash tv show and Agents of Shield the new show will premiere this week.

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