Saturday, October 11, 2014

Last Live Show Today

New Live Show on MNN at 5 pm. This will be our last show for the year as I'm hopping on a plane and hitting the road. We will be back next year for our 25th Anniversary starting in spring 2015.
This blog will continue next week as usual along with the radio shows. But in the meantime nobody saw this coming:
Holy Crap, what the heck happened here? IMDB is great but these 2 should be seperate sites. Now this is confusing, and if you click on more info on the bottom it goes to Twitter. Really?
This is a joke right? What a mess. This is so disorganized. Now What?
Here are some other articles on this situation for us movie fans:
"BOM is down inducing cardiac arrest in everyfilm reporter in Hollywood"
Now that's funny if your in the business.
Maybe these guys should change their title. They are reporting nothing with this short article.

This is more of a mystery than David Fincher's Gone Girl. That twist was not a big deal.
Fincher should have made a film on this instead. Gone Girl was good tho. Affleck very underrated
by the critics in this. He does carry the movie and the rest of the cast was good too. Just too long for me. Damn you directors, start editing your movies and stop letting you egos in the way. Jeez.

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