Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesdays Movie News Links

New Live show on Youtube and New Radio Show, both now playing.

Sooner or later it was going to happen. Yes video games make lousy movies aka Battleship with many others but they keep tapping onto these as to find their own brands and franchises.
And of course the obvious is that all the stars and talent ar going to tv/cable.netlfix. Duh.
Again It's Hollywood pushing all the talent away and saving money with those huge salaries the stars were asking, $20M plus points. So this shouldn't be a surprise.

Lets face it, he needs the money, but hell why not? He deserves it for all those years sluggin it out in this business. And to say he has his trilogy is a good investment for his career for which he will be remembered as one of his best roles besides  the tv show Sons of Arnachy. And besides I want to see this happen, damn it! Come on Del Toro, this is your boy make it happen.

No Rush Hour? Good, these movies suck. Cris Turker made lots of money on these, no problem.
He took some of that cash and help kids from the street for a better life. Good for him. Jackie Chan
is producing a lot of Chinese product and deserves bettter, And Ratner is a hack to begin with.
Remember he did ruin X-Men. So he is the last one to deserves this. Send to TV to get it cancelled and been done with it.

Oh boy now he's really pissed off, killing his wife. Simple plot. Really do we need more than that?
Just give the body count, that's all. Besides at least it'll be better than Tombstone.ZZZZZZZZZZZ.

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