Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday Movie News Links
Godd for Warwick Davis. No matter what he plays he's still family. Even tho he wasn't in the original he was still part of the original trilogy and appearing in Phantom Menace,Very glad he's in. Good call JJ.

No explanation on what happened yet and why they disappeared in the first place but here is Fridays report with Brad Tank leading.
3 years away? Isn't that the same time frame for the next Godzilla movie? Or am I just reading too much into this. But then again....
Del Toro sure has faith in this franchise. Let's face it, internationally this is popular. I mean, isn't that what the studios want for overseas boxoffice?
This is so funny but seriously, I have friends who are scared of clowns so I have seen people who have this phobia. That serial killer didn't help matters. (name in article, I refuse to say it).
Twins sing Fiona Apple. Next is Nirvana? Bring it on. A freaky show to say the least.
In regard to yesterday's blog on that HBO announcement here is a great article on the breakdown
of this service. Videonuze is a newsletter I received everyday on behind the scenes in the industry.
Highly recommended if you into this kind of thing.
Monkey see monkey do. Well.....Release the Kraken!

Note: Next show will be the Background Actor show to be posted for this weekend.
Then the Fall TV Review Pt. 2.

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