Thursday, October 02, 2014

Thursday's Movie News Links

New Radio Show coming this weekend.
Already a seconc season for Star Wars Rebels? Goes to show you how much pull Disneys has.
Even tho I couldn't get into the Clone Wars animation there was some smart writing on that show.
Too many rumours are all oer the place and like I said only the facts. Less I know the better cause in this case I want to be surprise so I'm just posting the facts when they are true. But at least we know he's a Obi-Wan type jedi know. Now if I can only find that interview I did with him all those ears ago. More on the Radio Show about that.
Only one reason: Money Deal. Man this is one lucky Basterd. Talk about a bail out. We all know he's career has tanked with one bad movie after another.  Only one film Translyvania Hotel has made over $300M and a few over $200M at the international Box Office. So this is one way to keep Sandler floating. Besides his hard core fans, the audience has moved on. But this proves again when another actor goes to cable that the Movie experience is really getting it. Well he didn't help with making lousy films nobody cares about.
Of course Ford can be replaced. They did with James Bond so what the heck? And how many Doctor Who have played the role regardless of TV or not. Get the right actor like Bradley and we are good.
Hopefully ti wont a silly script like that Crystal Skull crap. Maybe they can resurrect that great script that Frank Darabont wrote which George Lucas turned down in favor of Skull. Good move Lucas.
Nobody is asking for this. Again with the franchise anglem, Will or not no one cares. We can see this at home aka Train and Walking Dead. But to steal John Waynes The Searchers? 'How dare they!
Shame they have to steal from a classic. No shame Hollywood.

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