Monday, October 27, 2014

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Radio Show Now Playing: My Day With Ultron, Working as a Background Actor on The Blacklist:
The above has pictures and links with references to the show.
What Bullshit! First LOTR won all 11 nods at the Oscars for a fantasy picture. The Dark Knight made history by getting 8 nods but when it didn't get the nod for Best Picture the Academy changed the rules by having 10 pictures to be nominated in the future (the last time for 10 nods was 1939). And the first to have an Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actor. And before that 7 nods for Dick Tracy for which Al Pacino got a nod for Best Supporting Actor. And the last 2 mentioned were both from Comic Books. And a lot of Sci-Fi get nods for the Tech awards so it's not like the Oscars ignores these. But lets face it, a full mental alchoholic dying of a disease that cannot be cured is always a shoe in at Oscars. LOL.
Well he pulled it off with Star Trek so why not. And if he gets nominated this year for Best Actor this will look great for Marvel. While most don't care about Oscars it's a great selling point overseas.
The new trend of sending reboots, prequels and all that to cable tv. I love this idea. Instead of going thru the retreads on the big screen, like how many times do we have to tell the story of Spiderman and Batman, have the roots told here and get to the big stories on the big screen. I didn't think Gotham would work but it's working out pretty good as long they wait 10 years for the Joker to show up, lol.
"Overperform?" Are you kidding Fk kidding me?!!! This is an all out bomb! I have no problem with Keanu. People forget he was the one who turned out Speed 2. Since then I always respected him on that note. But come on, it was like Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds "We were so surprised on how well it did this weekend at the box office, that we are going ahead with a sequel."
To quote a headless suit who lhopefully lost his partking spot the following week. And by the way
that even clear $50M that week at a budget of $200M. Do they think we are that stupid?
Doesn't matter. Again like The Dark Knight (which got 8 nods for Oscars. see above) this like Gravity last year
this will get all the technical awards.

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