Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesdays Movie News Links

Last Live MNN Show now Playing on You Tube.
While this sounds good I do have a few questions.
1. The Flash is already on TV even tho its the younger self or do they think its going to get cancelled by then.
2. Green Lanternis getting another reboot? Nobody cared the first time around.
3. Cyborg, unless your a die hard DC fan, most movie audiences would think its another Terminator ripoff.  Besides Justice League (milk it with 2 parts of course) these don't have the impact like Marvel. Look at Guardians and even that got its fans but that got carried with the Marvel title which is not tarnish like DC and it's Superman Credits.
Why? This has already been done and nobody is asking for this. Let him rest in peace already.
Simple, their shows were on bit-torrent when so many people turn to cable cutting. They have no choice but to compete. For me I hope Comcast, Time Warners and all those blood suckers go out of business for over charging for mostly repeated crap to begin with. No sympathy from me. Fk 'Em!
He was great with both the Emmy and Tony Award shows so this is a no brainer. The best host ever was Billy Crystal and Neil should carry the tradition. This is not to take away from Ellen who I thought was great but she turned it down to come back again. Oh well, all is good.
What this article doesn't mention that the 2 met at a barbecue set up by Ron
Pearlman & his wife for friends and Del Toro. Pearlman worked with
Linda Hamilton on "Beauty & the Beast" tv show and invited her who
at the time was seeing James Cameron. So Linda brought James along and
that's how Del Toro & Cameron met. Source:
JC Biography; The Futurist by Rebecca Keegan
I mentioned this on my radio show when the book first came out. Guess better late than ever.

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