Thursday, October 09, 2014

Thursdays Movie News Links
DC are doing great on TV with both The Flash and The Arrow getting great ratings. Looks like
DC found a home. They should stay there and let Marvel have the theatres. But that's just me. lol.
This talks about that Live + rating system to give an idea how they rate these programs. Now they put everything into account it seems.
Female Ghostbusters, ok. Where's the female version of Expendables 4? But if anything they have to get Mellisa for this. She can do the Bill Murry part. That would really funny. Especially since her last film sucked. She could make it special with her talent and thats one thing she has, lots of it!
When she did SNL she nailed it big time. Even when some of the material was so so.
Speaking of which, talk about covering their asses on this one. They need to sell this like hotcakes
but there's to be a EX4. As the boxooffice was a total disaster. They barely broke even. Some BR/DVD sales can resuce a franchise like Kick Ass but KA 2 that was the end of that. We shall see.
Just a cameo? Boooo. But the idea that he's doing the voice is better than nothing. Way cool.
Wow, no Will Smith. Who cares. Bring on the Aliens and an all star cast. That's good enough.
Good thing about this is that got the original filmmakers. Yeah I know they screw up Godzilla but this one they got right. Look at it this way at least they are not making a sequel to the US Godzilla.

Note: Part 2 of the radio will be posted tomorrow before the Live show on Saturday.
Just to give people a chance to catch up. Filmmaking 101 Background Actor will be post on Sunday.

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