Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday's Movie News

Radio Show now playing: Hanging with Ultron on the set of The Blacklist.
Again another bootleg trailer at the cinema has the audience all psyched up. So cool
At the begining of the year I said there would be only one film to cross the $300M mark and that would be Hunger Games Mock. Ok I was wrong, it was The Guardians, then again no one saw that coming. But this Will be the only one to cross over the $400m mark. Maybe The Hobbit might come close but lets face it, this year has been a total wipe at the box office.
When you can't even get horror fans to the theatre when Halloween falls on a Friday, total fail.
Pee Wee is making his rounds, new Playhouse Blu-ray set and is on The Blacklist! He's back folks.
Skull Island rewrite is pointing to origin story. Makes a good case for Godzilla vs. King Kong.

Note: Tomorrow, my favorite horror films of all time list. New radio show coming also.

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