Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday's Movie News Links

Premiere Radio Show Now Playing. Click on the Widget. Godzilla Blu-ray Review will be the next show coming this week.
Man, were they wrong on their predictions. And these are suppose to be the experts. But it goes to show you that audiences are getting tired of these type of movies, sequels, reboots etc.
I like that they gave themselves and "F" For How To Train Your Dragon 2, which did not cross
over the $300M mark and Guardians of the Galaxy which Did crossover the $300M mark.
As that famous line from Oscar Winner Screenwriter William Goldman (Princess Bride, etc):
"Nobody Knows Anything"
HE deserves he's own movie but he needs to be surrounded by an new ensemble, some charcters that are not part of The Avengers but part of the Marvel Universe. Planet Hulk would be a good story that can be made. Either way after the2 previous failures he needs a stand up movie on his own.
Not a great video but at least it's in action. After seeing more picks than the first ones that showed up I took a liking to the new Batmobile, more slicker. Let's see how it looks on the big screen
Obi-wan with his own moive? Well the polls suggest that's what the fans want to see. If anyone has notice I haven't posted that many things concerning Star Wars lately mainly becausse of all the rumours on what's going on. What's real and what's not can be very frustrating so like this article and the above if it happens it happens, until then "Just the facts Ma'am".
Blu-ray review already. Yep its a disappointment. 1 hour of features and that's it.
Where is the Commentary, Deleted scenes, Gag Reel? And from all those features that where on
the internet, where are those. And last but not least we know there's easters eggs relating to the sequels.  Well you know what that means? Yep The Double Dip! They are getting us fans again.
Will I get this anyways? Yes. Will I get the Directors Edition? Yes. Am I a SAP? Yes!
NOTE: Scroll down on the comments section below the review. He's name is Tony and he has marked down the timings in which how long it took for Godzilla to all the Godzilla to show up!
Thanks for the info Tony.

Major Note: New Radio Show coming this Wednesday for Godzilla BR Review
Can't believe how much better it sounded than the previous show. Now I'm looking forward
for more shows for you guys. Thanks for listening everyone!

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