Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links

Latest Radio Show now playing. New one later this week.
Those DVR'd numbers are sure making a difference. And glad that Gotham got the ratings it needed considering what competition it has. Blacklist was a given but shame about "Forever". Good premise and I saw them filming a scene right here in Chinatown. So another on location show for NYC.
But these studios are tough. Lets see who hangs in there till the mid-season this winter.
Behind the scenes filmmaking 101 on the creation of Gotham.  Note: As mention as the bottom of the article The Brooklyn Navy Yards was an actual Navy yard for ships. It has been converted to a studio amoung other things in the neighborhood. Type in Steiner Studios in Yahoo to see the map.
wow, how things have changed over the years. When the ending of the original trilogy was about to play out, nobody knew that Leia was Lukes sister, thebig redemption of Darth Vadar and how silly those eowks looks besides being overly cute on beating the empire. Now with all those leaks and I'm sure JJ is getting a kick out of it since he posted some pictures himself. But if they wanted tosecrecy they should have filmed inside a soundstage completelysecured from the outside world. But then again someone from the inside would have leaked that himself anyways.
Double dumb ass to everyone. No Shats, ok then give us the damn Klingons. No Klingons? Then keep the damn frnchise to yourselves and put Star Trek back on TV where it belonds!
Why not? Everyone picked on him for turning down Speed 2. Even his co-star from Speed 1 "Dennis Hopper" said that was a dumb idea from a interview. With good reviews coming in or John Wick it's time he get back into the action genre. But it sure is funny how they change their minds, ain't it?

Reminder: new show this Saturday on MNN since I missed the last show spot.

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