Monday, September 01, 2014

Fall Movie Predictions

Talk about Predictions:
As stated by ours shows and this blog, I will show you the art of eating Crow:

1. Gaurdians of the Galaxy: Like I said..We all needed our Star Wars fix and Marvels fans will unite for this to beome  huge at the Box Office. Still No. 1 and will clear at the $300M Mark.

2.  Godzilla hopefully will cross that $200M and that $500M intertionally, which of course it did,
with sequals announced.

3. As per my shows and the blog I stated earlier this year I predicted only Hunger Games Sequel will be the only film to gross over $300M.
Shall we say $400M, and dont tell you these pictures have nothing to do with it.

The scandel: Really?
I will leave it as that, Thank you Jenn we all love you........

damn those pictures are hot.....

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