Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links

Trailer of the Live Movie Version included on 2nd page of link below.
Wonder if Guardians of the Galaxy has anything to do with that. DUH! You know that whole psace theme thing. My only problem is the damn title: Star Blazers? Really? That is so Saterday Morning Cartoon Soundish. Geez anything but that. Goods news is they have somebody who is a fan
ad MCquarrie did a great job to MI5, well compare to the precious versions which all sucked.
This looks like crap! All the money there are spending on this and this is what they came up with.
Well that's one model kit I'm not buying. Then again nothing beats the classic 1966 Batmobile.
This is so funny. They really nailed it good on this one. But one thing they failed to mention is how
much time was given to the MUTOs. And there was 2 of them which made it more fun. But I love the idea of the 3 crossovers. Wouldn't that be great? And put Ken W in all 3 so he can stare some more.
The possibilities on this are endless. This could be so funny. Freeman can get nasty with the salty language with the best of them. Hopefully MacFarlane gets back on track from that cowboy mess.
Shame the studio system gets away with this crap. It's bad enough when they hire and fire writers and bring in multiple rewrites and some of them don't even get the credit at the end.
For more horror stories like these watch the film and read the book:
Tales From The Script
Visit IMDB for more info, well known writers tell their stories and behind the scenes of writing.
Love that picture of James Caan from the movie Misery. It says a lot, lol.

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