Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday's Movie News Links

Premiere Radio Show now playing. This week a new show with Godzilla BR review with King Kong

They are not wasting time to make this, are they. Well it makes sense. We all know this is heading toward a Godzilla Versus King Kong feature. But a new Godzilla will take at least 3-4 years since Director Edwards has to do that Star Wars Solo Film. So in between why not start setting up King Kong with his own feature: King Kong Versus Loki. Sorry it's cory but I couldn't resist.

Not much of a plot is it. Just another teaser on a slow news day. But Downey says he has a surprise tomorrow. Sorry but Loki during King Kong is better what ever the news is.

Douglas Trumbull had a lot to do with the "Original Trilogy Star Wars" movies and made the classic Sci-fi "Silent Running" with Bruce Dern released in 1972.  This could the  tech angle where Peter Jackson failed on the Hobbit Trilogy. But never mind the tech, will the movies be any good?
All the tech in the world cannot makeup a lousy script. That is still in the writers hands.

Listen to the studio politics that Fincher explains. As I said on my Radio Show Premiere, it's another example of Micro Management where a star can sell tickets in a foreign country instead of making a good movie. Making money overseas is really being a serious

As the songs goes "Moneychanges everything" Hate that shaky cam but still better than that last spinoff with Jeremy Renner. That was so boring beyond belief.

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