Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links

Chips The Movie! Back to the 1970's. I thought they were done with scrapping ideas from the 70's.
Oh oh, does that mean they might reboot Charlie's Angels? Oh no! How about making things lik never have reach the big screen like The Love Boat? I'm only kidding but Hollywood is not. By the way there was a movie early 70's based on California Patrolmen called Electric Blue with Robert Blake.
I'm melting, I'm Melting!, said the american box office. Shrinking is more like it. That means cable tv like Netflix is going to expand even bigger since Anericans couldn't care less about the foreign box office. Lets face it as we said before, if they stopped giving us reboots, sequels and the like we mightshow up more often. Look at Guardians of the Galaxy which had a built in cheat being a Marvel franchise but did anyone even know what the heck was a "GROOT"?
Damn the hatred on this movie doesn't stop. And you thought I was bad. Really I moved on.
I didn't even bother with the BR even with 2 hours bonus features and commentary. Just let it lie.
But man I love these videos, LOL. Man they nailed it good.
Guess that Hercules thing didn't work out after all. Oh well next franchise.
3 reasons why this is going to tank:
1. Nobody knows of the first movie regardless of Director Edwards Godzilla tie in.
2. Same scenes repeated over and over featuring the monsters to suggest there's no budget.
3. The desert? How exciting, zzz, not to mention what is actually happening over there in real life
in the desert part of the world. This picture would be the last thing I would pay for after seeing all the news on the internet just to remind me how depressing the desert over there is. Got it producers?
4. Bonus round:
This wouldn't have even gotten made if Director Edwards Godzilla bombed in the first place.

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