Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Movie Link News

New show on MNN tomorrow at 5 pm. Then the radio show for Sunday.
Again with the double dipping? And this hasn't even come out yet on BR. You figure they wait after the release then tell everyone. Well least I can thank them for saving me money, I'll wait for next yr.
Wow, first Roger 007 Moore gets to visit the James Bond set and now the STar Wars set. Is he or fan or "'its good to know the right people in this busines". Hmm A fanboy at heart, so cool.
Great merchandising angle. Collect all 12! Got the originals, got the Menace ones, now lets add the chrome ones. They don't miss a beat do they? Well neither do I. But it does look cool tho.
Man they are moving fast on this one. And for the better nothing worse than sitting on a franchise for too long and then when it comes out nobody cares aka Sin City 2. Hey Are you listening out there
Godzilla Sudio Heads?

Note: Had to do overtime so that bit me in the ass so MNN show tomorrow and hopefully
a new rado show, then 2 back to back for next week to get ready for creature feature month

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