Monday, September 22, 2014

Mondays Movie News Links

New Radio Show now playing, click on the widget: Godzilla BR Review, Skull Island and other news. Some things mentioned are related to some of the articles below.
From 007 Roger Moore himself. This is what I am talking about, screw the rumours and show us whats actually happening with the film. To me it's all teasers on how this unfolds.
And more on the set pictures like this. And it's not CGI but on location with real props. Well JJ kept his promise when he said it would be more hands on with live shooting. There you go.
Great choice. Star Trek all the way. If you listen to Orci's commentary on ST:The Voyage Home Blu-ray you can hear he is a total Star Trek geek and the best person for the job at this point.
They should get Micheal Bay to do Power Rangers. It was the style he ripped off to begin with.
None of these except maybe Doomsday Machine but not for 2 hours. And City on the Edge of Forever. Is a classic and after that Khan ripoff they should stay from it. BUT if they go to the original script which was hell of a lot darker then that would be interest. Look just go bck to the Klingons and call it a day. It's a no brainer and we already had Romulans. Maybe the Gorn could do a cameo tho.
One of the topics I mentioned on the show that once he signed on to Skull Island all bets on Loki hanging on the franchise is pretty much over. Listen to the show, whose ahead of whom, lol.
As Spader is telling Jimmy Fallon from Friday Night Show. It was a great experience working on the set of the Blacklist with Mr. Spader. The Next Blacklist show is the Coney Island shoot I was at. More on this in this weeks coming radio show. Plus back to MNN this coming Saturday.

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