Monday, September 08, 2014

Monday's Movie News Links

One of the many things to look forward this fall season. Simpsons meets Family Guy and Futurama.
2 articles, same info but with slightly different details. A dream come true for us animation fans of these shows. It was so obvious for the longest that it made sense. But the next article blows my mind.....
Besides making everybody involved in creating The Simpsons Billionaires, the royalites alone, we can know expect a Simpsons Imax 3D movie thans to good ole China. Again great for us Simpsons fans. Another movie is overdue and animation 3D is the only reason I would go.
Film business 101 but this is what Hollywood doesn't want to admit. People are staying home doing thier Netflix binging instead of going to the cinema since there wasn't much out there.
Good for Guardians fans as that is going to break the $300M mark. They just dont get it.
Lets face it, No. 2 and 3 sucked. They need to give this character a break. I wouldn't mind another one but I'm afraid the writing would be horrible like the last 2. Like Batman and Superman they can replace the actor with someone else much younger. Regardless if you like the actoro not Father Time is not that kind.
Why? I liked the first one but once is told it'll be a been there done that. But at least they got Hugh.

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