Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Tuesday's Movie News Link

Video clip of Terry Gilliams Lost In La Mancha included in reference to one of the articles.

What hit me here is the the new BR will be 100GB. That means all those box sets that we have now, are we going to double dip with the 4K. Meaning for example, Star Trek TNG Season 6, 6 disc set will now be just 3 discs but the price of course would be higher. So let's see how this goes:
VHS-DVD-BR-4kBR just like LPs (album)-Cassette-8track-CD-SACD-Virgin Vinyl, etc.
How many more frigggin time am I going to own Dark Side of the Moon? And don't get me started with Star Wars. 20th Century Fox who still owns the rights to THE Original SW is going to love this.

Talk about Kaching. They finally put all those extra features for ST Darkness that was spread all over the galaxy from "Target sores to God knows who else" with constant dipping to get all the goodies.
But I must admit they must of seen me coming because I am  the kind that loves all those bonus features and commentaries and STD has an Enhanced Commentary Track! Running at 167 Minutes! While I got both films on BR I didn't double dip to get those features and hated I had to download the commentary from itunes. But the commentary is worth it. JJ does a great job explaining the movie. Of course I have to see the Enhanced version.Being a Trekkie and collector looks like they got me. So let's see my resume: Multimedia producer, musician, composer, SAP!

I thought it was because she had over 60 nude pictures of herself posted all at once on the web.
Funny how she was crying about her privacy when was she ready to do nudity for art sakes in the movie Killer Joe with Matthew McConaughey. That role eventually went to Juno Temple when funding took too long and  JLaw was offered to do X-Men First Class.
A little trivia from William Friedkin Bio, Oscar winning Director of The Exorcist, French Connection, Killer Joe and and the highly underrated Sorceror with Roy Schieder, Sheriff Brody of Jaws. 
But like I said in the  previous logs Hunger Games 3 will be huge. There's no competition besides those friggin Hobbits. Don't be surprise if HG3 comes close to $400M.

What a shame this never came to be. But I swear Terry Gilliam is cursed. Quite a few of his pictures don't get made or have troubled productions. This article does not mention that Williams also worked with Gilliams on The Adventures of Baron Von Munchausen. He played "King of the Moon" but in the credits he's listed as Ray D. Tutto, a role originally for 007 Sean Connery. Go figure. They mention here Lost In La Mancha on DVD which is highly recommended. Here is a clip from our Youtube page.

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