Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Links Plus New MNN and Radio Shows.

New MNN show now playing on Youtube. Just go to Sundays Blog for the clip.
New Radio Show now playing: "Who Are Those Guys?"
They should have made this into a movie. This had all the best qualities from both shows.
My favorite was seeing Bob Burgers (love that show) in the plane and seeing Cleveland crashing to the ground.
Clasic. 2nd favorite: Stewie at the very end by the blackboard. That was so sweet.
Best cameos were James Wood and Alien Roger. so cool.
And fo course the mandatory chicken fight. You can never get tired of that.
Next: Futurama and Family Guy. Bender out to kill Stewie. Another classic.
Now how about that crossover movie featuring all 3? Yep all 3 of them. Box office gold.
That Marvel skit nailed it. If you've been reading this blog on a regular basis you know I mentioned
Disney as "The Big Nothing" from Neverending story. It just sweeps the land and Disney owns it.
As always there are skits that just plain sucked. But my biggest peeve no Cecily Strong on the weekend update. That sucked. Even tho she showed up as conversation girl I hope she gets the was annoying. But Update will need to jell to make it stick.
2ND best skit. The He-man segment, event tho a little ackward it was in the right direction.
Will somebody make up thier mind already! But glad he's on board with Nimoy. Nice way to wrap up the trilogy. After that time to get Star Trek back on TV where it belongs. TV is big now and all the best actors and writers are they now and this would help a lot to make those classic episdoes like the ones we grew up with.
Whether you like him or not it's the damn writing which made Man of Steel a train wreck. And how many Bats and Sups have we had in the century? How about worrying about the story.......
Which direction will the story head into? Bad Superman or Good Superman?. But got to admit it is an interesting angle. Again hope the writing doesn't blow it.

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