Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Tuesday's Movie News Links

Does anyone remember this show? And it's goin to be on Amazon too?
Warburton is very underrated. And this was a cute show. Why not, it worked for Futurama.
getting cancelled, re-uped, station move, the whole works...

Like I said on yesterday's post, Guardians is now moving to $300M and Hunger Games will come very close if not cross the $400M mark. Besides Hobbit 3 and Museum there's not much of a season.
But there's always one surprise that nobody sees coming, we shall see.

Jeez another gimmick. 3 screens? I remember that. It was called Cinerama where 3 screens where stiched together togive it tht paranomic look. 2001 Space Odyssey, How The West Was Won and a few others were filmed with this technology. And it failed! Look up it up at Wikipedia for the history back in the late 1960's.

This is on our top 10 movie of the year, regardless what else comes out this year, a BR keeper.
But surprised it cross the $100M mark. Is still playing in theaters somwhere?
Anyways like it mentions in the article his last big one was War of the Worlds and that Sucked!
And I can never get tired of a alien invasion movie but this was worst than a B movie.

Shame on the House of Mouse. Didn't they have a studio setup with a different name thatshowed Rated PG-13 and R movies? But is sacred having Stan flipping the finger. But a machine gun crazy racoon is okay for the kiddies What bull crap. They could have Stan do something else instead.

With "The Boxtrolls" coming at the end of the month here is a salute to Stop Motion Animation.
When your movie makes the cover of AFI the industry pays attention. There's a sidebar of the greatest of moments of SMA that includes King Kong, Star Wars and my favorite Jason and the Argonauts. This was originally posted in the King Kong community site on Google Plus earlier today in case you missed it.

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