Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday's Movie News Links

Latest Radio Show now playing. New radio show coming later this week. In the meantime.....

A throwback to my younger years as I grew up with Star Trek in syndication and Apes week on Ch.7 Afternoon Movie Week. A great crossover idea that finally getting it's release date. Talk about...

He should have been in the first one. Some say it's gimmicky and what ever you thinkof the Shats he is the Captain and it would be great to see him in the alternate universe. Hope they don't screw this up.

This sucks. You as an actor make a cameo at the end of X-Men:Past and in the next film you get replaced anyways. But it does make sense as far as the age factor does play a lot in this. A note to other franchises.

There is one reason they left out but apparently they are not paying attention. You do not put a fanboy show against a huge hit like Big Bang Theory, a friggin ratings buster. They should move this to a Wednesday or Thursday. And to heck with 2 seasons, with all the classic villians Gotham has to offer this could easily last 5 seasons at least. Right away I love this show, They got the tone right with the look and feel of Gothom.
Note: This is filmed in NYC at actual location with some CGI to make up the background.
The fist fight between Jim Gorden and Big Man Pepper was filmed at (Nicknamed) Piss Alley, right next to the Williamsburg Bridge where they film Blue Bloods for certain scenes, As matter of fact the rooftop chase was also next to the bridge. All a few blocks from where I live.

This is the show I worked on for that one day at Coney Island. Since we were not told what was the show about we had no idea we would be working on show number 2. But this is the show where Berlin and Red meet up at a bench at the boardwalk. I already recognize some of the fellow background actors in the scene as we worked together for a good 5 hours to do this one scene.
I will be talking about this in next weeks show as they are spoilers to be mention, now that I now how the scene goes down. The other scene is where Red is at the shooting gallery, More on that coming in this weeks blog.
This will week be a big catch up show then next week with the Ray Harryhausen tribute along with Skull Island King Kong review. Which will lead to our creature feature for October.

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