Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links

Radio Show Premiere now playing. Click on the Widget on the right to hear the show. A new show with Godzilla BR review will be posted before the weekend.

Click on poster and it will take you to a promo page, scroll down for 3 mini vids which you probably seen before. But it looks cool.
It psoted this before but scroll down to the comments about the 7th comment someone posted the timings of Godzilla showing up in all of his movies.
For me the first part Monarch explaining the origins was cool as it was mash up for the opening credits. Over here they make it like news reels and actually what happens with the events leading up to the movie. The second part Legendary Godzilla are just 4 part teasers on the making of. And all of the behind the scenes making of before the movie came out are not here. It is the same info but told in different takes. If this doesn't bother you then you should be good. Me? I'm friggin furious! You got the kitchen sink, then throw in there for crying out load! It's the idea of the double dipping when they re-release this again as the rumours there will be a Directors cut. But yes I have it and will talk about it on the radio show which will be posted before the weekend is out.

Special Note Blooper: Godzilla crashes through the San Fransciso Bridge. A scene later the Muto is flying away and the bridge in the background is intact. Last scene Godzilla in diving in the water and the camera follows him, in the background again the bridge is intact. And where are all the battleships in the Bay?
Includes a B roll video on the making of. Great stuff. This BR will be in my collection as this is still on my top 10 Favorite pictures of the year.

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