Thursday, September 04, 2014

Thursday Movie News Links

Remember this pretty face? Nope there's no story about a Dick Tracy remake but Pacino loved Guardians.
Pacino was a hoot and got a well deserved Oscar Nod for Supporting Actor for Dick Tracy.
And with all that makeup he could easily fit into the Marvel Universe. I would love to see that.
Brando did Superman, Nicholson did Batman as the Joker and even recently Robert Redford did
Captain America, Hail Hydra! Hell Pacino was in a Adam Sandler movie. Yo Marvel give Al a call!
Regardless whether you liked her or not she was a pioneer as being one of the first comedians to push the envelope. I met her at a record signing for one of her albums and she was sweet and so polite to her fans. I Still have that Album too. Check out her best TV moments here:
Very underrated Director who did some of my favorite movies. Wild Geese with Roger 007 Moore and Richard Burton. Ffolkes with Moore and Anthony Perkins from Psycho. And of course Western classic with Jimmy Stewart and hte Duke himself John Wayne. Watch a clip from Ffolkes here:
Cool behind the scenes feature. This I'm looking forward to. Pitt visited WW2 before so this should work for him. And he's in good hands with Director David Ayer, who did Fast and the Furious.!bPJS1l
Can't believe people are falling for this. Another gimmick for me not to go to the movies.
Check out the comments and feel the hatred. Yes I am a member on this site and put my 2 cents in:
"Another reason to stay home" lol.

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