Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday Movie News Links

New radio coming before the weekend. New MNN show this Saturday.
I'm all for Blade Runner but no Alien and they are going to concentrate on the Engineers?
Looks like I'm staying home or the beach when that comes out. The last one kinda sucked. Big time.
While this sounds swell and all but too many stars like Mcfarlene's western could be a bad omen.
But heck this has to be funny either way. Well I hope. Talk about Liam....
Actaully this title makes sense because nobody is kidnapped or taken. Liam is the one being chased.
They could be worse titles than this so the 3 makes sense. Just leave it alone and release the damn thing. Nothings worse than over thinking and over kill unless it's a body count of course, lol.
And this has to be better than his last film Walk Amoung the Tombstones. God what a yawner!
Who cares? Arnold and Cameron are not together for the reboots which should crash big time.
Remaking a classic and one of my favorite films is not a good idea. But going back to theroots of the story like Seven Samurai is the right idea. I'm looking forward to the other six myself. Glad to see Denzal in this, why not Jamie Fox who is a cowboy in real life. That was his horse in Dhjango.
And what happened to Tom Cruise who was attached to this for a while. Oh MI4, I forgot. lol.

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