Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wednesday Movie News Links

More Star Wars, Spidey, Marvel Trashing DC, other news coming later..

Update Supplement:
With all this Star Wars, Spidey and Godzilla news did we forget JLaw kick ass video?

The big mystery? Where is Lando and will Lupita get that missing role?
Darth Ming! ....and I'll leave this here...AH-Ah..
They included a video of a short film. Well that's nice. Now who the hell is she?
Clips of the end credits show the gear that the 6 use plus at the bottom the Alicea Keys video.
Slightly jumping ahead before the movie? Competition? What competition?
Changing our tune already? Why, because of mixed reviews and some really bad ones? Both director and Actor won't be back for Spidey 4? Pushing TOO hard on Sinister 6 on us?
What the hell have I been saying all this time. House Mouse is gonna own you Spidey!

PS: Did anyone see ABC Good Morning America with the cast of Spidey last week
at their studios located at Times Square?
The same ABC Network which is own by Disney?
When Spidey fights Electro in Times Square you see the Disney big ass logo in the background?
Still don't believe me that Mickey is going to make Spidey his Bitch?
That's Ok, stay in denial, it makes the pain go away....
First a total diss followed by a great video by Screen Junkies who make those Honest Trailers.
Love that line near the end of the video:.."then this picture is for you, Psycho."

And my bookend for today:
JJ got it's cast for Star Wars but lost his show at Fox. WTF! They cancelled this but keep
Brooklyn 99 which had less ratings than this. Man 99 really sucks but they keep this. Go figure.

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