Monday, April 28, 2014

Mondays Movie News Links

Superhero Blitz! Beware: Articles with Spidey Spoilers and Easter Eggs. Warning: IMDB has many AS2 reviews, a lot are negative toward the movie with spoilers.

First, Some Marvel News:
Somebody at DC/Warners are looking at these numbers and worrying about their job.
Fun Q & A video on the history of Spiderman for those who are not hardcore comic book fans.

Huge Spoilers if you don't want to know what direction the studio is heading with this.
If your hardcore this might spoil the fun before you see the movie.  This was a good brush up for me as I forgot a lot of this stuff since reading the comics when I was the kid.
My jaw dropped on some of these. Charlie didn't make it but his father, Martin Sheen, did. Strange.

ASM2 Blu-ray Pre-sale, Already? Sorry but the Bust is just to creepy ugly. Got Ceaser from Planet of the Apes and that thing looks at you where ever you go in the room. Never brought another one.
Somebody doesn't know Clint Eastwood? Mini video interviews with Electro and Goblin.

Now onto that other Universe called DC:
Jeez, why not just call this The Justice League movie and get it over with....Oh, never mind........
Great! Now that's 2 clunkers in row, back to back. DC knows how to burn it's fans, don't they?

So did anyone notice the bookends of the links I put?
The overseas numbers came in Sunday and that same afternoon DC announced they going ahead with
Director Zack doing Justice League.
Boys and Girls: Can we spell NERVOUS?

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