Friday, April 18, 2014

The Facts Ma'am, Just The Facts

Quote from famous 1950's show "DRAGNET" which was made into a movie with Hanks and from Akroyd. (Don't ask, it was awful, see IMDB).

This is strictly a business point of view and nothing else. But with all these Allegations on Singer will it hurt the X-Men Box office? Already the studio got nervous and cancelled some of his appearances.
Will this matter when the film comes out? Will the bad feedback help Godzilla's Box Office as he has only one weekend to make it big. If the reviews for X-Men are mixed then it can open huge then die out quick and have the same fate as Man of Steel. After 4 weeks Sups was on the bottom of the top 10. Then Godzilla will have a few weeks to make good at the box office. Same with the International Box Office. And the bottom line is the film is good enough, will you go see it again. Repeat performance along with 3D, Imax are all part of the grab bag.

And the other thing is the timing of this. Why just a few weeks before the film opens up?
Personal vendatta against someone, sabotage at a film studio cause of competition, etc.?
I know it's a stretch but it is Hollywood and Hollywood is a strange land.
Remember Woody Allen and the Oscars with Cate Blanchett Nominated, who won after all.
And now with the Documentary. You wonder the timing of this coming out now.

My take:
I'm a film fan, that's it.
I just have a platform to give an opinion on what I like and don't like especially when I plunk down $10 bucks or more to see something and it sucks.
I want to see Godzilla to do huge mainly because he finally has the budget and SFX to bring him to the bring screen like he desreves to be seen. THEN we can get the sequels like Rodan, Mothra and the rest of the gang. And personally how many more times are we going to see Wolverine anyways?
He was in Japan and he didn't do any justice to that country. It looked like it was filmed at a studio to begin with. Give Japan back to Godzilla where he belongs.
PS After seeing that X-Men Trailer of the opening I think we saw the best part. Just saying. lol.

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