Monday, April 14, 2014

Movie News Links

First my predictions on the MTV Movie Reviews then the usual movie news:
My favorites This is the End, We are the Millars, Wolf Wall St. got their wins, which gave me
8 out of 17, check out last weeks blog of Thursday, April 10 for the predictions.
But I forgot about the fan base of Hunger Games and Divergent. This is what the fans picked
and while may argue how legit this is, when my personal picks of Scared Shitless: Brad Pitt and Best Cameo: Rhianna, I really can't argue myself, LOL.
Conan was good but probably still pissed on how he was passed over all together with the Late Night wars. How soon people forget. Yep the Best Part was Mark Wahlberg with his speech. He knows it's all bullshit but goes along with it. Hutcherson tribute to Hoffman was nice but no comparision in acting skills, sorry Josh. And Leto doing his speech on Aids. Sincerity goes a long way.
Now that we over these awards I can go ahead with a special Blog Talk Radio show before the month is over. An update on that will be posted here. And now the rest of the links:
.....Doom "Guardian of the Galaxy"? Hell no! Fans are eating this alive. And you got Vin Diesel as a Talking Tree. Why not? He was the voice as the Iron Giant, an underrated classic.  Check out the video on the bottom. Intereting interview. Note: it's just 8 minutes not 38 minutes as listed.
Phase 4?!!! We didn't even get the end of Phase 2! But it will give them time to get a new younger Iron Man. Even Downey said it himself. Jackman started Wolverine much younger so Jackman has that advantage for a few more.
Can't they at least wait to see if this is going to bomb at the B.O?. Oh hell, who are we kidding.
Dumb movies, huge moneymakers, extend trilogy, repeat....
"Greed is Good" Name that film. Thanks for the warning movie studio. They got away with with it on the Potter films now everyone is going to do it. For me?  2 less films to review. Yeah......

Have some Avatar news but I'm saving that for later this week as I got some to say about that.
Yep even more opinions on that whole thing. And I'm a Avatar fan, lol....

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