Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Movie News Links - Film School 101

Todays links fall under Film School 101. Studios doing their summer push with heavy marketing.  A sort of behind the scenes on the business of movies.
Now that these films are here, they are going full promo in the marketing department.
This one has 3 vids on X-Men with behind the scenes and interviews.
Is this Actor Andrew Garfield in the suit? Talk about heavy promotion in the flesh. I wonder when he walks the streets he's thinking "Another milestone on my way to that Oscar" Sorry, but in NYC these guys are a dime a dozen especially Times Square where you can see all kinds of characters. lol.
Forgot Filmmaking 101, this sound like Wall St. LOL. Got to lisen to the Shareholders:
Bats Vs. Sups: In all my years I never thought I see this sentence. Paragraph 4 last line:
" Unfortunately, they've got a massive hurdle to climb: they'll be opening up against Captain America." Holy Marvel, really? Captain America has put the fear in DC. This cracks me up.
Spidey: Once they unload the villians there's no where else for Spidey to go except DISNEY!
X-Men: Same thing, once they unload the Mutants we haven't seen yet how many more times can we see Wolverine. Oh Oh, a young Wolverine...Reboot!
Guardians Galaxy: Sci-Fi fans can break this if only because they are waiting for their Star Wars fix.
F4: Is anyone going to care by then? People are going to get tired of all these superheros. Hardcore fans are not enough. Make "The Thing" the highlight of the movie, the others have boring powers we will have seen already with the X-Men franchise.
Wolverine: Even Jackman said no more. What happen? He lost his Oscar so another go round with this F.U. Money then back to Broadway and get another Tony. Well his resume looks great.

My take: I have no problem with the studio making these. But how many are going to have a grand slam at the Box Office until people get tired of Superheros. 2 more years and I'll be fed up!
So you thought DC vs Marvel is going to be rough, check out Spidey overseas this year. Yikes!
I can tell you the winner right now: Godzilla and not because I'm a huge fan and I started a community page on Google dedicted to the Big G.
Simple: The other are going to cancel each other out as superheros. Those who are not hard core would rather see something different even if it's a big giant creature mad as hell at the world.
Replace GZ with Star Wars, same thing. When the time comes people are just going to say:
But I already saw a superhero movie, I want to see something Different: (Insert Godzilla Roar Here)

My Take:
 "Yo, Spidey, your last box office wasn't all that. What are you going to do?
"I'm going to DisneyWorld!.....Where do I sign?"
Still to short but our Snookie is back in. Included is a cool video Q&A at the bottom of the page.
What ever it takes to save this franchise but without being cynical I think it's cool that they brought in his brothers to help out. Giving that family vibe. Plus their working. Nothing wrong with that.
I like that that article in the box. It does give it some sincerity nad meaning to the project instead of Hey, lets replace him with CG and be done with it.

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