Monday, April 07, 2014

Monday Movie News Links

Some have been asking about my short comments. Well this is suppose to by supplemented by the talk shows. There will be 2 specials this month then we are going weekly starting in May.
He nailed Dorothy from Oz. Married 8 times. Starred with classic Actors and Actresses. 2 Oscars.
Out lived everyone from his generation. 300 films and TV. Got to see Hollywood go down the drain. And was at the last Oscar show. A legend.
Marvel Vs. DC: Caps vs Sups/Bats. 2016. Let the showdown begin.Huge Box office world wide and you can see why Marvel is so damn confident about having Caps go against Dc.  Everyone is going to see the DC train wreck open at No. 1, do huge box office then disappear fasting than the fans can say "Affleck ruined this!" And Caps will hang on to No. 2 and the top 10 for the rest of the month. DC doesn't have a chance. Holy Wipe Out!
Note: Caps has made over $300M World Wide in 2 Weeks. Half already of what Man of Steel took to make of $660M in 2 months!
The next Kananga/Br. Big from Live and Let Die? Anything but Blofeld. That's a staple of Hollywood villians. But the producers might want to change that considering how Austin Powers ruined that with the parodies on the villain. I rather see  Ejiofor create a new villian  aka Jaws who keeps on coming back. Fans argued that the Spectre Blofeld angle doesn't fit in todays world. I said before that angle is perfect considering how Russian are behaving now.  Ejiofor could work for Spectre as a new villain. This should be interesting.
Finally filming this thing? Better film fast. Did you Lando on Dancing with the Stars? Thought he was going to drop right there and then with all that sweating and heavy breathing. Maybe that's why he pulled out. The insurance company was not going to cover him and his Colt 45. I don't blame them. But seriously, wish him well and hope he's there with the M Falcon. And it would be a blast to have Chewy on his side. Something we never saw.
The sequel nobody was asking for. The first one was a fluke but no one wants to see this kid. Jackie Chan has retired that action thingy. Director Eisner did Saraha which sucked. Is writer Zak Penn the right person for this? Just because he writes superhero movies doesn't mean he can write this stuff. Action stars are out. Just ask Aunold.
Instead of puppets the Gremlins will be CGI. This I wouldn't mind seeing as this could use an upgrade. They have to make up for Gremlins 2. I liked that but in an office building?
Grew up with Battle Galactica and loved those Cylons. The depressing reboot sucked and don't even mention Caprica. A complete reboot? Go ahead and ruin this. You have my blessing.

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