Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tuesday Movie News Links

May The 4th Be With You is around the corner and the big Star Wars announcement has been made.

They put names to the faces in the photo. Now that helps a lot. But where's Lando?

Andy Serkis and Max Von Sydow are the big surprises along with the rest of the original cast.
Now we're talking. Supposedly more news on the way. Darth Ming, bring it on!

Disney talk Star Wars Story, Budget and other snippets.

After the mix reviews for Spidey this will be something to look forward to and finally see how much the original cast are going to be part of the story.

Love the tweets on this one including Carrie's. What a tease all this is for us fans.

So he fights a Rodan type of creature. Very good way to Reboot the franchise and also a tease for the other creatures to wait for like Mothra, etc. And he fights a creature to begin with. When they tried to reboot in 1985, Godzila got stuck fighting a giant flying toaster.

List of 8 things for Zack to improve on JL. AS far as I'm concern they blew it on most of them.
I Like No. 1: Don't make a shitty movie. Done deal.

The video actually states why Zack should NOT direct JL. I disagree. Why change now? I love train wrecks. And this one has all the trappings for it. They are on the right track (get it) with this one.

Are you kidding me? You couldn't get Superman right, JL is heading for a train wreck and you're going with 9 more films. So desperate trying to catch up with Marvel it's down right pathetic.

Something different for us Zombie fans. Cjeck out the poll who everyone think should kill off.
I voted and saw the results. The one I chosed is up there but what people picked I thought was the right one and on the money. Can't go around killing kids and not pay for that, right?

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