Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday Movie News LInks

Today I concentrate with news on Spiderman, Apes and of course Godzilla.
PS Notice Hollywood is keeping quiet about those Allegations

The following basically all repeat the same news but have different elements added to the articles.
Note: Read the comments from the fans. Are the producers really listen to the fans?
Nice art work.
This has a 3 minute  video from IGN.
Couple of pics from Spidey 2.
More pics from Spidey 2.

My Take: Hollywood in a nutshell ran out of ideas a long time ago. Hence why they go to old properties and reboot the damn things. The studios might own the individual properties but Marvel has the final word whether they like it not or don't want to omit it. Let's fact it, what are they going to say? They know there's people like me who are saying screw your Spidey 4 and Sinister Six and I'll wait till Spidey goes to Avengers. While they say that's never is going to happen, I'll be saying then to hell with seeing Spidey 4 and anything else you got for that matter.
Final note on ideas: The had the villain "Vulture" ready for Raimi's Spidey 1 with Ben Kingsley and again for Raimi's Sidey 3 with Jonh Malkovich. Both cancelled for Venom? Lizard was setup throughout Raimi's trilogy and never used. When they do have ideas they screwed up anyways. Goes to show you they have a property with no clue on how to use properly.
Avi Arad was a former Marvel Executive. Now that he's at Fox this is he's bread and butter. Of course he doesn't want Spidey to go anyway. He would be out of a job.
And last, Disney always get the last word. Don't FK with the House of Mouse. If Mickey wants his Spider, he will get it and no studio will stop that no matter how big the studios think they are.

Damn Dirty Apes:
Good interview but with some spoilers. The movie really benefits from the advance technology. And nobody better than Andy Serkis  f bringing this to life. He will get an Oscar Life Time Achievement award for his work.
How can you not have him included. I was really impress with him in the first movie.

It's an image from a moniter screen but you get an idea what it looks like.
Toys R Us got the pics of the toys on the website.

More of a promo since most of this has been floating around the internet pluswhat you've seen in the trailers.

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