Thursday, April 03, 2014

Thursdays Leftover Links

Just a couple of links as I'm in the process on working on the new websites. Yep there will be 2 sites.
More news on this coming next week.
Writing was on the wall once Fallon Tonight show rating were bigger than Letterman. Smart.
Quit while you're ahead. Shame. It would have nice to see go out n his 25th anniversay. Oh well.
Well had to thank him for putting me on his Thanksgiving Show many moons ago. Since there's no repeats on that I guess we'll never see that. Actually I didn't even know I was on since it was the camera on the street skit and had my 15 seconds of fame when the camera zoom on me.
House of Mouse Rules! At this rate DC is never going to catch up. Man, this cracks me up.
Expendables 3 trailers and posters. It won't have the superhero numbers but its just great
to see these old guys giving their all. Great cast. Shame they waited so long to get them together,
it would've been better in their prime. But what is going to make this film work is the director.
Patrick Hughes whose first big job was a film called "Red Hill" a film a gave 4 out of 5.
It starred Ryan Kwanten, Sookies brother on True Blood, as a sheriff going after an escape prisoner going for revenge on a town. Great twist at the end and cool body count. Highly recommended.
Check IMDB for details. So EX3 is in good hands.

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