Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Wednesday Movie Reviews

I'll be reviewing Blu-rays, Redbox and Vod as I'm trying to catch up with this weeks releases.
Ratings: 1-5, Bad to Great.

Anchorman 2: 3 (BR) - Review for the Movie version. Anchorman was so overrated No. 2 wasn't even on my list but got dragged to it anyways and was surprise that I liked more than a second. Maybe thats not saying much  but I actually got some good laughs out of this one. Call me a sap but I did get a kick out of the cameos with the big fight at the end. I will catch up to the unrated version as the Blu-ray has over 3 hours worth of features with even more deleted scenes. Wow, movie wasn't all that so that got me curious like crazy. Down the line folks as I'm paying a nickel for the BR. And we don't need a third one. Well we won't. It bombed overseas.

Ronin 47: 3 (BR) - Where the hell is the other half of the movie? Supposedly a good hour was left out and the deleted scenes don't cover all that much. But what I saw I liked. Maybe a double dipped to see the directors version. It couldn't have been worse considering the nasty editing done to this. Put it this way: Keeanu co-starred with a Japanese actor whose part was cut down to a cameo at the end. Where is his story? But if you like fantasy creatures and Samurai, it's worth the rental. But bare in mind this barely has anything to do with the real life story. Just the concept but I knew what I was getting.

Tinkerbell: The Pirate Thief: (RB) 3 -The family kids wanted to see this and glad we did. Real cute story messing with the Peter Pan mythology.Some might argue with the  computer animation style of thism,  It worked great with the story and the colors on this were fantastic and serve the movie really good. Nice and bright on the big Sony at home. Favorite scene? The pirate ship floating through the clouds. That looked so cool.

Bering Sea Beast: 2 (RB) - If you loved Sharknado, you'll love Sea Vampires, which is what the characters call these creaturesin the movie. Fishing town fights really bad CGI Bats and against their own bad acting. I actually got a kick out of this it's so cheesy. 2 for Tuesday with another SyFy movie and your good. But this does have a lot of action and a good body count,  I'll give it that. And Kevin Dobson (I was a huge tv movie star in the 80's, what happen to my career) has his 20 minutes of fame before he gets knocked off in the first half hour. What a laugh! Favorite part? I'll save the world dude who get blown up on his motorcycle, smoke up and rewind please! LOL...

Seal Team 8: 2 (RB) A nod to the 80's Macho Rambo & Chuck Norris movies, This does give you a lot  over the top action with some great camera work that you don't expect from a straight to DVD release. But it does have that gung ho attitude where the hero only has a small gun with one clip and wipes out about a hundred guys with Aka 47s and Bazooka's in a downtown city. Navy Seal Please.....and a plot twist that you can see at in the first 10 minutes. Favorite part: Seal shooting his AK47 out in the open when he should have been in cover gets blown up. What a hoot. Guess he missed Boot Camp.

Bagman: 2 - When Deniro explains the plot with his dinner: Points to the Steak, this is you, then points to the potato, and this is the bag you will deliver that I don't want you to look in, then looks at Cusack, do we understand each other? You knew this movie was downhill from there. Deniro should hae slapped the director, you want me to explain the plot with my meal? Are you kidding me? Good cast wasted on a poor mans film noir. Extra ending explaining the plot with a flashback. 
Talk about poor writing which sinks this whole film. What did the actors see in this script?

PS: Reviews of Godzilla vs. King Kong and King Kong Escapes will be saved for next week as I am still waiting for the Blu-rays from Amazon.

Chris Evans Sci-Fi European Release "Snowpiercer" has finally got a US release for the summer. But it will be cut by 20 minutes so I will review the uncut version. This will be after Captain America comes out this weekend. For the curious you can check out IMDB for the story but watch out for the reviews and comments as there are spoilers all over and ruin the many surprises the movie offers. Again 4 out of 5!

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