Monday, April 21, 2014

Movie News Links

News from Wonder Con about Godzilla are being posted today on the Godzilla Community page.
Those links will be posted here tomorrow along with Dawn of the Apes and more Spidey news.
Reviews are mixed already. Main problem its way too long and not enough action. It's all in the trailer. And that's coming from Rotten Tomatoes who swore on crap fest Iron Man 3. It will do huge on opening weekend but Godzilla and X-Men will take him out. Will it last at least 4 weeks on the Top 10 or disappear like Man of Steel. That will be the test.
The final word is Marvel owns everything and wants to make sure these 2 studios get their shit together. They are not Disney. Even tho Paramount actually made The Avengers, they did not have the marketing strong arm that Disney's had promoting the hell out of it. Also Pararmount and Disney shared the Box Office profits for the final take. And Fox has been known to do this throught out the yers. Back in 1970's The Big Disaster Flick "The Towering Inferno" was produced by Fox and Warner's as a way to cover the big budget at that time.
(Trivia: Why do I use the colors Blue and Yellow for the logo and other signs. The end credits of Towering Inferno and my other big Favorite The Poseidon Adventure from 1972 had a blue background and yellow lettering. It's my nod to those films and others from that time period that used that color scheme.)
It also doesn't help when an International movie star like Johnny Depp tanks at the Box Office.
Too many articles about he days are over. He always does good overseas. So what's the problem.
Who wants to see Depp on a moniter screen and sitting stationary for 2 hours? Subject sucked.
Also it didn't help that people didn't forget Lone Ranger. But the main problem? Just because you
have big Brands like Superheros, Godzilla, Apes and some comedies doesn't mean Box Office Gold. How about all the other crap that gets lost in the shuffle. The big ones have to cover the little ones and the big stinkers. If the big ones bomb one after another, Netflix and others will get bigger......
...But the little ones are getting other alternatives and who else but somebody like Whedon who made the studios happy with The Avengers with Billions can pull this off. Again other choices for audiences and movie makers. Speaking of which......
At this time is being confirmed that the movie will get greenlighted. We need Sci-fi out there.
Well hell, I do anyways. And hopefully Jim Henson productions will be part of this considering that Muppet movie didn't do all that well. By the way has anyone seen that Syfy show that has the freaky chick from Farscape hosting it? No that the blue one, the one with the tail. Surprise to see her there but also cool to see old school puppetry from the makers of Dark Crystal and Labyrinth, 2 films that were supposed to be remade. Those wouldn't be the same with the CGI and all.

Note: More links tomorrow and Movie Reviews on Wednesday. Quite a few I must say.

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