Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Movie News Links Part 2

Lots of news to cover this week. Movie reviews later this week. Not much there anyways.

Very nice video. Just to let you know I went by the list that was posted afterwards on who the winners were. Cause of time issues I figured some catagories were mentioned  during the commercials. Grammys has done this a lot lately just to present the music. Who knew of the video by Vin? And they cut that out? How about cutting out those awful groups and present all the catagories instead. It's about the movies, not the music. Or maybe they thought it was to much of a downer. It know what was a downer. Listening to those damn awful jokes and intros. Who writes this shit?

Blade Runner, Yes but what happened to Indy Jones? He sure got quiet on filming that besides mentioning his accident. But I do love that Greedo response.

Great long interview which answer a lot of questions. His biggest influence? 2001:Space Oyssey.
Best Advice: Roger Corman, "Always sit down" (He worked for Corman of course). Old School stuff
Arnold gets no love. Translation: Arny can't sell shit so who needs him. Good luck with T-800 movie

Wait a second, wasn't the middle of Thor 2 a Flash remake? Never mind. This one deserves a reboot, not because the 80's was bad. Got the Blu-ray. Lorenzo Semple who just past away and wrote Batman tv series and Flash did a great interview on the movie. And he said himself they going for the fun of it. This could use it for todays SFX but hopefully not depressing like Man of Steel. Let Marvel remake this, they know what they're doing. That's right DC, I said Marvel!

And Nick Fury sang: "I'm here to save the day..." What, don't trust Willis to bringing in the fans?

$10M advance for a Steve Jobs movie? Are you kidding me? What a waste of money. We already had a Jobs movie that nobody cared about and Social Network was so overrated. A picture that did not deserve of those Oscar nominations. About that other Social site. (I'm writing on a Google thingy)

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