Thursday, April 10, 2014

MTV Movie Awards 2014 Predictions

So what's with me and these damn award shows. For the most part it's all in fun with my friends to see who get it's right. Except the Oscars, that I'm damn serious about! LOL. But I did win $20 bucks.
We haven't done a live show since the Oscar predictions and going to bounce off of that to lead into the next live show and start with the weekly shows.
Anyways I'm going to pick my predictions, see the show this Sunday and have a full show next week. So who's going to win? Who the hell cares. But I will say this much, this is more fan base
so it should be fun even tho everyone who wins is there at the show and the losers know not to show up.
  "ME? I WON? OMG! I can't believe it! Glad I showed up when nobody else did."

Movie: Wolf of Wall St.
Male: Leo
Female: Sandra
Scared shitless: Brad Pitt
Breakthrough: Will Poulter
Screen Duo: Vin - Paul Walker
Shirtless: Jennifer Aniston
Fight: Anchor Man 2
KIss: Jlaw & Amy
WTF Moment: This is the End...but Leo was great too.
Villain: Bakhad Abdi - this guy still scares me
Musical Moment: This is the End
Comedic Performance: Jason Sudeikis, really..
Screen Transformation: Jared Leto, he's in a band?
Cameo: Rhianna (Freak!)
Hero: Thor
Fav Character: Loki, by vote he's losing.

No American Hustle? Wall St. plays way better on TV for some reason and I did say in other blogs,
if Matthew was not nominated Leo would have gotten it. He carried the whole movie.
Oh well, we see on Monday who won and who the hell cared....

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