Thursday, April 17, 2014

Movie Reviews

This week I put Theatre releases along with BR/DVD/RB/VOD together for review.

Rio 2: 4 - Way better than first one which I liked alot. Good story with multiple subplots which tie in nicely for the end. Very bright and colorful but the music is way much better and adds so much to the movie. My Favorite part overall is how they concentrate on the forest without going much to the city. Something the first movie relied on too much and the animation on those parts weren't good.

Joe: 3 (VOD) - Cage puts on the subdued character mode on big time. Strong but laid back. Yep no crazy loco overtop Cage here. Which he has been doing with some straight to DVD lately and for the better. The story? Well it does play like MUD and Out of the Furnace that it builds up to the big showdown at the end. But there is a few action scenes in between to keep the movie moving.

The Nut Job: 3 (BR) - Cute cast keeps up with a really busy story with multiple subplots which gets a little crazy to keep up. They must have been looking at the clock to fit in as much as they could within the 90 minutes. So this winds up with chuckles instead of full laughs but still had a lot of fun with this with a cool ending to wrap up the 'Whodunnit" story.

Philomena: 3  (BR) This is strictly for the acting as I couldn't get into the story itself. You kind of
figure out what happens at the very beginning. But this is to cheer Mame Judi Densch Oscar Nod.
And she deserves it. And special nod to Steve Coogan who does great by her. THIS is acting!

Secret Life of Walter Mitty: 1 - Stiller's lucky I'm a fan, Museum, Thunder, others but man...
This really Sucked! This has nothing to do with the original comedy classic with Danny Kaye, that was 5 Stars. (see IMDB). The story here is really plain awful. I saw them filming this by Rockefeller center and all I can say is he and Wiig are both really short. Shame, a big budget on absolutely nothing. Oh I forgot this was suppose to be a comedy......I didn't laugh.

Note: I was going to review a buddy cop movie but after a certain remark about Paul Walker on the MTV Movie Awards I said fuk 'em. So There. It would have been a 1 anyways.

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