Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Captain America Vs. The DC Dynamic Duo: The Outcome

-My take on this whole showdown. But first here are links. Then my predictions.
This link should read No One is Happy About May 6.
Stubborn shitheads. Not that's it's going to matter.
Well this is pretty obvious even if it' something you don't go around bragging about.

My Take:
Sups/Bats will be huge, opening weekend then tank faster than a speeding bullet.
Just like Man of Steel at the Box Office. It went from No.1, then 3,5,7 and off the top ten.  This is from After 8 weeks it topped around $600M internationally.
CA:Winter Soldier has topped $300M in 2 weeks. Halfway there from Sups B.O.

No matter the reviews from fans and critics, People love to see train wrecks. So DC will rule that weekend but CAPS will hang around the top 10 for weeks and linger there. Not only it will have a great story but it will connect with the whole game plan with Stage 3 for the  Avengers Saga. But the final nail in the coffin? Repeat performance. No matter if it's in 3D, Imax and all that other money grubbing tricks to steal your money, people who seen it already will drag their nay sayer friends to see it.

The other niche? After the Box Office. Thor 2 did great on Blu-ray/DVD. CAPS 2 will do the same.
Man of Steele is still sitting in warehouses. Check Amazon. $8 for BR/DVD used. 2 disc dvd for $4. Ouch! Same thing happened to Iron Man 3. Huge at the B.O. over $1 Billion. BRs are collecting dust on the warehouse shelves. Downey Jr. himself said he's done after the 2 Avengers Sequels.
But in the meantime Wolverine is still making solo movies. Those damn things on BR sell!.

The Dynymic Duo of Sups and Bats will have a huge opening weekend but Caps will have the final laugh in it's total intake with both the B.O. and  BR/DVD sales.
Question: What are the chances of them moving the dates? Pretty good that it could still happen.
And that will be Warners/DC. Yep, cold feet. So even if there's no showdown the final tally is what is going to matter and Marvel has that in it's corner. But don't take my word. Even David Goyer said DC has no gam,e plan. Well said David.
Beside some cool surprises, there's 3 that don't belong here: Unbreakable, Daredevil, Man of Steel..
And one that I'm glad is not on this list considering is Box Office intake:
Iron Man 3: Manderin is An Actor?

This is so funny. Marvel now belongs on the big screen. Besides is anyone watching this?
For me only the actress Ming Wa is the reason I'm watching this. Even tho it looks like she wishes she was on some other show. Even guest star "GAME OVER MAN" Bill Paxton can't save the ratings. This show is too dark, gloomy, not very funny and where's the budget? Last nights episode looks like it was filmed in the hallways of the studio they filmed at. ABC announced they are going to renew this. Saving face?

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