Thursday, April 24, 2014

New Movie News Links

Last round of links as it was a busy week for some decent news.
Summer 2014 movie predictions. I've been following these guys predictions from day one since this site was created. Their rate is usually 7 out of 10. But some of thier numbers are off. I will talk more about this next week but for now just check it out. Wishing your favorite will do huge.
For my Godzilla community see #5. I think the Big G will do better as Pacific Rim did about the same amount and nobody knew what the hell that was about. And that did good for its budget.
Same as the U.S. trailer but with the Toho logo opening and a teaser shot at the end.
Orci is a verified Trekkie/Trekker. You need someone who loves this franchise like he does to do this.
I'm behind this 100 percent. Listen to the commentary on ST:The Voyage Home and you can hear how dedicated they are. But watch the studio get cold feet and get a reality show director instead.
Like this needs any kind of promotion. Like the details but we know this is going to make a $Zillion.
"Hobbit 3: We Milked The Franchised to Death"
Pick a title, they would all fit. This never should have been a trilogy.
Golden Rule: Do Not Remake a Classic that won 11 Oscars including Best Picture. Spielberg wanted to do West Side Story, another Oscar winner. All this would add up to a big fail. Leave it alone.
Does this mean the movie is going to suck? Nobody cares. Comic fans will be there regardless.
My question is why did he do Jack the Giant Slayer which has been done a million times.

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