Monday, December 01, 2014

Monday's Movie News Links
This is why people stay home to watch cable and binge on their favortie series. When a movie called Hunger Games has no games, well people look somewhere else. And man what an ending. But my favorite part of the night was the follow up show, The Talking Dead. Wow, even that was sad!
Note: See final link below to see the bad Box Office numbers for everyone this past weekend.
That's all? He should do all the creatures cause at least we know we'll never get a Jar Jar Binks ever again. Can't believe I said that name. Wow, he things I do for this blog, you know?
The more the better. This part of the norm on most movies nowadays anyways especiallytent pole and blockbusters. These studios don't take any chances. Now if they learn on how to edit down these movies intead of these 3 hour bore fests.
Everything is pointing to this damn movie. Very overrated Nod if you ask me. This is what we have looking forward to forthe Oscars next year. Oh I forgot. Nobody gives a crap. At least The Lego Movie won for Best Animated film. Every other catagory, who cares.
Yep the awards season is coming but at least this is one catagory I look forward to.
Loved the inflatable Hero but then they made him into Gigantor (remember that?), Cool looking white dragon but not enought of him, I always respect stop-motion but man those trolls were ugly, so the winner is......Batman! ...I mean the Lego Movie. It's hard enough to put those things together never mind filming them. At least the NY film critics agreed with me on this one, lol. And how come those Lego Star Wars trailers didn't get a nod?

Last but not least the Holiday Predictions and the experts are already wrong:
Horrible Boses, Penguins, Interstellar are all way off. And Hunger Games is still to be determined.
But where were all the HG fans. $56M fro a Thanksgiving weekend. Embarrassing.

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